IDB-Holland BV ensures GMP-production of Lutetium-177

Today, IDB-Holland BV announces it is going to be the first company in the world to ensure GMP-production of Lutetium-177, an increasingly important radiochemical in therapeutic oncology. Lu-177-Dota-Octreotate was introduced in 2000 by Prof. Eric Krenning and his team at the Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam and BioSynthema (St Louis, USA) for the treatment of patients with neuroendocrine tumours.

Several clinical trials have been going on in Europe to measure the effect of this new compound, these trials so far have seen very encouraging results in anti-tumor effects, improvement in quality of life, and an extension in life expectancy of several years .

Jan van Overeem, Managing Director of IDB-Holland: “The demand to participate in the clinical trials for this potentially extremely interesting therapy is rising explosively. We now have to scale up to a professional production environment. After a long selection process we have asked Comecer in Italy to supply a unique, high-tech fully automated production line. IDB-Holland will move into a new era and become a radiopharmaceutical producer.”

Margot van Overeem, Finance Director of IDB-Holland: “The investment involves also a brand new building and it is going to be a beautiful factory, probably the finest of its kind In the Netherlands. With the help of a team of experts we studied all offers intensively before making a decision.. We now have absolute confidence that our final choice will meet all our objectives”.

About IDB-Holland BV
For the last 25 years, IDB-Holland BV, has been a successful global distributor of a variety of radiopharmaceuticals for specialised diagnosis in cardiology and oncology. It distributes general and specialised radiopharmaceuticals to 40 Countries, all over the world. IDB-Holland BV, is a privately owned company, located in Baarle-Nassau, in the South of the
Netherlands. It was founded by Jan van Overeem already in 1982 and since then it has seen continuous expansion.



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