Company Profile Van Gaans Medical Systems

Van Gaans Medical Systems is a Dutch start-up company created in 2007. The company is a distributor/agent for several high technology strategic partners in the medical equipment market.

We are active in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

bedrijfsprofielHaving almost 25 years of experience in Sales and Service in the fields of Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy and Laboratory Equipment, the focus of our work is nowadays on sales, installation and service of Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory equipment in the field of Nuclear Medicine.

We carefully listen to the wishes of our clients and translate these to the solutions offered by our business partners. We frequently deal with customized projects for our clients. Being the “bridge” between customers and manufacturing companies, personal contact is key in this process. This results in long term relations with our customers and business partners.

We are constantly trying to optimize our product portfolio with non-competing solutions by new strategic and reliable partners. Their good reputation in the medical equipment market is a prerequisite for us. The emphasis is on high-tech products where technical knowledge is required for both the sales process and after sales service.

Our core values are: Reliability, Creativity, Flexibility and above all Customer Oriented.

The feedback from the market indicates that this approach is well appreciated, resulting in more projects and thus business growth.